3 Tips for Growth with Saasu Online Accounting

February 7, 2017 by Scott Whitaker

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Building a small business is a constant balancing act to find the best combination of resources to grow. Getting the most out of Saasu as your online accounting system means understanding how you can squeeze value out to reduce costs across your business and grow. Here are some of our favourite tips that will help your business.


In business you are what you don't automate. The routine daily tasks that don't seem to take long add up to be a large chunk of your workday. Saasu is designed to automate a lot of these things to free up your time. As a user here are some of the short cuts I take to automate my day:


Integrations save time, simple as that. They allow you to take advantage of multiple systems without the need to continually move data between them. Here are some useful integrations that are quick and easy to set up and will save you a lot of time:

Measure twice, cut once

In business you can't improve what you can't measure. This is especially true for small businesses that need quick information to make quick changes and keep up with their industry. Saasu is a financial reporting app at its heart with a number of reports that help you with your strategy.