4 Reasons to take online payment with eWay in Saasu

February 9 2016

eWay for Saasu Online Accounting

It also helps you avoid the common headaches around chasing and receiving payments. You can get paid faster, automatically and with no fuss.

The days when this was a complex and expensive exercise are gone. In fact, you can do it right now from inside Saasu, without any setup, because we partnered with the folks at eWAY.

eWAY is a global all-in-one payment services provider, focused on helping businesses like yours accept secure credit card payments from customers around the world.

The integration between Saasu and eWAY means you can start taking payments online by adding a pay online button or link to your orders and invoices. All your customers have to do is pay, and the integration takes care of the rest.

Why Saasu + eWAY

If you're already an eWAY customer, you can set this up in Saasu right now. It only takes a few steps.

If you're new to eWAY, we're pretty sure you're going to love them. Like Saasu, they have real human support, their rates are super competitive and they have plans to suit every business, from basic payment gateway to a complete merchant platform. It only takes about 10 minutes to get you activated. Check them out.

If you're already using the integration, we'd love to hear how you're going. Leave a comment below and we'll share it with the team.