Accounting Partner or Software Sales Person?

April 5, 2016

Saasu Accounting Partner Network

Let's face it. Most accounting partner programs out there are complex, and mostly designed to use you as an off-balance sheet sales person by software vendors. All nicely wrapped up under the false pretence of connecting you with your business customers and other marketing rubbish.

Here's the shocking thing. We're guilty of this too (to a point) but not in a deliberate way. Here's what we mean.

Over the years, we've battled with trying to keep up with our corporate competitors' partner programs. We've tried using status differentiation (including the shiny badges), tiered rewards based on number of files added (which is really just a way to rate you based on your sales performance), and a number of other initiatives. All because we thought that's what our partners wanted and cared about. After all, if the big guys were doing it, they must have been onto something.

But this never sat right with us. We didn't realise (until later) that this approach left out a lot of partners whom we'd love to work with. The small practices who are happy with a set number of clients, hardworking bookkeepers who love serving their customers but don't care about status, advisors working from home - You get the idea.

We've known this for quite some time now, and we've tried to fix it in different ways, but never felt we got it right. So we had to revisit, and that's what we've spent the last little while doing.

After several attempts to simplify our program and trying different ideas to make our Partner Network more inclusive and aligned with our beliefs, we finally got there!

And here's the result - Better rewards, available to more partners, based on a much more fair criteria.

Here are the main changes we're excited to announce:

We feel these changes are much more aligned with our beliefs and are fairer towards our Accounting Partners.

We also believe they'll keep attracting the kind of Accounting Partners we love working with. Tech-savvy, vendor-agnostic advisors whom are truly committed to serving their clients and their specific business models.

For all our fantastic Accounting Partners, we hope you enjoy these changes (you can see them in full here). We want to show you our appreciation for recommending Saasu to the clients you feel it's best suited for.

Thank you for your partnership.