Add Payway credit card payments to your saasu invoices

May 27, 2015 by Admin

Getting paid fast is very important for any business to thrive.

One of the best ways to ensure you get paid faster is by offering online payment options in your invoices. This will help you collect and manage customers' payments easily using a Westpac PayWay 'Pay Now' button. All thanks to our awesome Partner XHTMLized, the team behind

So if you're a PayWay user, or you're thinking about signing up, read on…

How it works

The integration is very simple. First, you need to enable the Westpac PayWay Net payment solution in your PayWay account. From there, you'll need to retrieve your PayWay Biller Code, which identifies your business entity and ensures the money is transferred to your account. From there, you will copy and paste the information we'll provide below into your Saasu invoice template and you'll be ready to go.

Here's how to set it up step-by-step:


Now choose the template you'd like to use.

After selecting your template, enable HTML. Then follow these steps:


HTML code to use in "Payments, notes and other information"

<h2>Pay balance by CreditCard</h2>
<a href=”{InvoiceNumber}&payment_reference_maximum_length=20&payment_amount={BalanceDue}&receipt_address={BillingContact.Email}”>
<img alt=”” src=”{Image.Url}payway.png” /></a>

Pay Now button to use in your invoice:


When you click to email your invoice from the Sales screen, you’ll want to edit it to contain the active link that allows your customers to click and pay by credit card directly from the email itself. We've used “Pay Now” wording in the screenshot below instead of the image button as the Saasu email messaging system doesn’t support images.


Here's a preview of what your PDF invoice will look like.


And this is what the PayWay screen looks like with pre-filled information from your Saasu invoice.


Now you're ready to start collecting payments via Westpac's PayWay, straight from within your Saasu invoices.

We'd like to leave a big thank you to the team at XHTMLized for working on the integration and the instructions for it. Thank you also to our customer Peter Herring, from Erkodent Australia, who helped with testing. We appreciate your efforts.

Saasu Themes is a service by XHTMLized which enables businesses who use Saasu to bring beautiful design to their accounting documents. So if you're looking for a beautiful, affordable theme for your Saasu invoices, head over to and choose your favourite.