Boost Your Reporting With Clear Jelly Add-on For Saasu

May 4, 2016 by Sofia Eastmond

You may be tangled up in spreadsheet hell right now, if you need complex financial reporting for your business.

Saasu reporting is great for all your key financial insights and it works well for the majority of our customers. But we know there’s a portion of business owners we serve who need a deeper level of insight into their business.

If you’re one of those customers, the new Clear Jelly reporting add-on for Saasu may be just what you need to get you out of the spreadsheet mess you may be in.

It's almost too good to be true, but it handles just about any scenario you need, even if you have a really complex business model.

The highlights

Flexible reporting & dashboards created in minutes

You can access your Saasu data with complete flexibility. Clear Jelly allows you to drill down on any aspect of your data, drill through transactions and a variety of chart types. You can create the exact reports and dashboards you need for your specific business model in a matter of minutes.

Combine all your data from different sources (not just Saasu)

You don’t need to look at your financial data in isolation. You can get a complete picture of every single aspect of your business by combining data from different sources, like Google Analytics and other internal systems.

Powerful modelling

You’re not just restricted to actual data. You can use the Clear Jelly add-on for Saasu to simulate changes, such as introducing a new product to your offering (or any other changes you may be planning) and see how they affect your business in the future.

Easy Budgeting and Planning

Use extensive options for top/down bottom planning on any level of the model with support for multi user data entry. You can modify structures as required to plan for any organisational changes.

Available on any device

Your reports can be accessed from any device, and all changes are updated instantly.

Control levels for different users

You can determine what each user can do and/or see, to suit your team’s responsibilities and structure.

If you need extra flexibility for your Saasu reporting, give the Clear Jelly add-on a go. You can try it free for 30 days to check how it works for your business. Register free here.