Direct bank feeds in Saasu

June 25, 2015 by Marc Lehmann


Bank feeds are an excellent time saving feature. Less time doing the books, more time working on your business.

Today we have good news for our Australian customers. Saasu has partnered with ANZ, Westpac, St. George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank of South Australia to provide direct bank feeds to our joint customers. Traditionally we have only offered transaction data feeds via third party data providers like Yodlee.

Applications are now open for ANZ, Westpac and St George. We are in a soft launch phase rolling out direct bank feeds over the next few weeks to allow for the volume of requests we will get. We will connect you as quickly as we can.

Your old feeds via Yodlee (our third party data feed provider) will continue to work. In the future we will be phasing out those feeds as we build more direct bank feeds.

Why direct feeds

Having direct bank feeds in Saasu is a step towards a better experience. You won't have to use your online banking credentials and you won't have to worry about service disruptions caused by online banking website changes. Yodlee is still a great service support for many account types that the banks themselves don't offer direct feeds for. It also allows Saasu to cover some smaller banks.

How much will this cost?

It's a free addition to your plan as long as the data we collect for you is within fair play limits. Saasu pays bank fees to your bank to access your data. Thus Saasu is absorbing nearly all of the fees ourselves. If, however, the volume of data exceeds our fair play limits for your file or the fees your specific bank charges Saasu are significant, we may prompt you to upgrade your Saasu plan. We will communicate with you in advance if this is likely.

Over time, we will be working with key banking institutions in the main regions we support, to bring more direct feeds to Saasu. We've done a lot of technical work to make it easier to connect direct bank feeds to Saasu, so keep an eye out for future connections.