Incredible tech you can’t buy

An elegantly simple technical solution to a significant problem is where great tech is born. I have discussed this in my family many times that we have lots of problems that still don’t have good solutions. Yet people seriously think that ideas are hard to come by or that all the good ideas have been built already. I literally have 100’s of these ideas sloshing around in my head but for the sake of simplicity let’s look at 3 that I think could have a good impact on humanity in general.

1. Wrist band that measures your exposure to the suns UV

My daughter made a working prototype for her Higher School Certificate Design Technology project using an Arduino chip (photo below). It’s called SOMO (Solar Monitor). We need to track UV exposure to reduce and prevent skin cancer. You wear it like a FitBit or Apple Watch. The tech could be embedded in devices like these. She has big plans in Creative Intelligence aspect of Architecture so she’s focused on that and doesn’t have time to commercialise the idea.

2. Laptop that accepts a Sim card

There are absolutely no technical, IP or financial barriers to this from what I can tell. What’s stopping this? Aren’t you sick of connecting to your phone? And crikey, if you still use a Dongle plugged into your computer for the internet – God help you. They are as ugly and inconvenient as their name.

3. Micro Tsunami buoy for swimming pools.

Let’s save more kids (and pets!). This would be easy to make with a Gyro plus Arduino combination. It can be a simple object that is solar powered and floats in a pool and sounds an alarm if the water moves too much. i.e. something fell in the pool