Information Density

November 3, 2015 by Marc Lehmann


Saasu is used on lots of different devices and screen sizes so we have been updating Saasu to dynamically adjust based on the browser size for your device or computer. So what does this mean:

  1. The width of the screen for some reports and lists will now increase as the available screen real estate increases.
  2. There will be less wrapping of text - you can have more lines per page in lists and reports.
  3. The grey background is gone - recycling some wasted screen real estate.
  4. Everything is to the left - freeing up space for future dashboard, reports and invoice screen flexibility.
  5. Removing duplicate navigation - links that point to the same things our menu already provides.
  6. Removal of both the Saasu and file logo from page footers - later the ability to print/display your file logo at the top of reports will be added.
  7. Footer now displays transactions used in your file (in last 365 days) - know your Saasu plan usage.
  8. Interface modernising - cleaner tab styles, less dark areas and simpler screen layouts.

We’re cleaning up and stripping out as much as possible so you can focus on getting work done in the cleanest, fastest interfaces possible. Distilling down to the essential. There will be more changes but we are rolling these out slowly to reduce the impact of interface change for our customers.