New Saasu Mobile App for Apple and Android

December 16, 2015 by Marc Lehmann

Introducing New Saasu Mobile App for Apple and Android

We're thrilled to announce Saasu's brand new mobile app for Android and Apple. Clean, fast online accounting for your mobile device has arrived.

This is something that you have wanted for a long time now. I am a CEO at the front line in the product design process - I'm not a Sales CEO - I make things. So instead of a big Mobile App sales pitch I'm going to tell you what the app does but first give you an explanation that I owe you all as very patient Saasu customers.

As a team we wanted to learn to craft mobile apps really well. We have designed and built this app many times over. There have been many iterations over a long period of time. Our previous mobile app was a third party app. We learned that we don't achieve dreams that way. We knew that to really achieve our dreams in the mobile app space we had to be the maker. At Saasu we are a maker of things.

Our vision is to craft the complexity out of small business and we invest the time to do that well.

This first app is for customers that want to be able to:

So this is what we have built and released overnight into Google Play, ready for you to download. We have also submitted it to Apple AppStore for approval so we expect it to be available within the next 10 business days. [UPDATE 2015: iPhone and iPad app are now available]

What this mobile app isn't is payments or bank feed management. It's also not a performance dashboard. These apps will come next. This is our crafted app for the above needs specifically. It obeys Pareto's law in that it is just 20% of what Saasu will actually do in mobile app space but we help out 80% of our customers from today.

This will change what Saasu means to you in your small business. You can manage your business from anywhere on an Android or iOS device. You can win business on the go with quick quoting and invoicing. Capture your expenses. Search, call or email your customers. All within a few seconds. It's fast, clean and easy to use.

We hope you love it.