Mission and Pipeline 2018

April 17th, 2018 by Marc Lehmann

After our recent announcement about the Saasu Transformation currently underway, I thought I'd share our development pipeline for the remainder of 2018. I want customers using Saasu Online Accounting to understand what this means for their business. I also want to share Saasu's three customer obsessions so that you can see what motivated the transformation of our business. These are our obsessions:

Exquisite Aesthetics

We love minimalism in the apps we build and the ones we use. We believe the world needs minimalism more than ever. Minimalism isn't about architecture or scarcity. Minimalism is about the essential. 20% of the important things that achieve 80% of your results. It's also about quality, simplicity and emotional response to apps. Customers must "feel" good when using our apps.

Great Value

We want Saasu apps to be even better value. This is why we started providing payroll on the Small plan, without any price increase. It's why we released recurring credit card billing features, at no extra charge. It's why we are releasing an informative infographic styled dashboard for our mobile app shortly. We are looking for ways to add value and drive prices down, not up.

Lead Innovation

I'm proud of Australia's history of innovation. Solar, Wi-fi, Hearing aids - there's a huge list I could rattle off here. I grew up wanting to invent in the digital space. It's what had me work on Australia's first online banking service with Advance Bank. It got me started back in 1998 with Saasu - something I'm technically proud off. However, I want to make getting the books done ultra-simple. Honestly, no-one in our industry is there yet. There is more complexity, bookkeeping, tax and software costs for our customers than our industry wants to admit.

Our mission is innovation toward lean, clean, fast business apps that are simple, in the essence of the word, and not as a dishonest marketing term. I want to address the market that finds our own product, and our competitors, too expensive and complicated. I also want to give them an option to not be in the cloud, but fully synchronised across devices and more data secure. More to come on this in a future announcement, but expect this to dramatically disrupt the accounting software industry.

So what's in the pipeline?

Features being retired from 1st July 2019 *

If you are a customer affected by the changes in some way you will receive an email shortly. If you have any general questions just contact our Customer Experience team at service@saasu.com. Also feel free to email me directly at ceo@saasu.com.

* These features will not be available for new files purchased after 1st July 2018. They will only be available on existing paid files.

image credit Montylov