Want Automatic Expenses from Apple Watch to Saasu?


It's the week of exciting news, here at Saasu.

Our partner iqBoxy.com have launched an Apple Watch version of their mobile iPhone app which works flawlessly with Saasu.

The collection of expenses starts on your iqBoxy Watch or iqBoxy mobile app and the purchase is automatically sent to Saasu for business and tax reporting.

Why Apple Watch?

Recording purchases should be fast and in context. The Apple Watch allows this to happen while extending the power of the mobile app beyond the confines of a pocket. This means you no longer have to fumble through trying to find your phone. A quick swipe and tap on your watch and you're done. Instantly.


How to use iqBoxy Apple Watch app with Saasu

Stay on top of your expenses

The iqBoxy Apple Watch gives you a faster and complete picture of all your expenses. The content is right there.

The integration between iqBoxy and Saasu allows you to instantly see expense receipts incurred today, yesterday, last week, this month or last month. Just raise your wrist and swipe.

Collect expenses faster

You've just taken a client out to lunch and want to record the expense quickly.

All you have to do is glance at your Apple Watch, which turns into a long look and activates the iqBoxy app. You press the + icon on the Watch screen and dictate the expense: “$80 business lunch with ABC client at Cafe Sydney.” And you're done. It's that easy.

At this point, the iqBoxy automation magic takes over.

The Apple Watch sends the translated dictation to the qBoxy iPhone App. The iPhone wakes up the iqBoxy app and tells it all the translated data plus geolocation tagging and sends it to iqBoxy services in the cloud. A few seconds later, iqBoxy has created the expense and pushed it (with all its meta data) to Saasu.

How to get iqBoxy for your iPhone or Apple Watch

That's it. Simple and easy.