Want to get paid faster? Add online payments to your invoices

June 29, 2015

Want to get paid faster? Add online payments to your invoices

We have some exciting news for you! Your customers can now pay you online, straight from within your Saasu invoices with Braintree, eWay and Stripe.

We've worked with these three major online payment gateway providers to help you avoid the common headaches that come with chasing and receiving payments, and managing your cashflow. This means you can now get paid faster, with no fuss, automatically from your Saasu invoices.

This smooth integration is now available behind the scenes in Saasu. We’re in soft launch mode, starting with an exclusive release to selected customers to help us make the very final touches before we launch to all Saasu users soon.

Why online payments

How it works

It's very simple, sleek and fast. All you have to do is add your preferred payment gateway in your Saasu file settings, enable online invoicing on your templates, and you can start getting paid online. Here's a sneak peak.



Want it now?

If you're already running Braintree, eWay or Stripe, you can be part of the exclusive group of Saasu customers to access this integration first. We will be using your feedback over the next couple of weeks to prepare for the big launch. If this is you, email us at service@saasu.com to register your interest and we will send you the details.

This integration is part of an exciting series of releases designed to take Saasu to the next level and give you extra tools to make running your business easier, so you're free to focus on what matters.