Developer Partner

Developers who want to connect their publicly available app to Saasu can partner with Saasu and receive some key benefits:

  1. #SMALLBIZ – Saasu intersects small business, advisors and developers. Connect your app and access all three.
  2. FREE SOFTWARE – Saasu is free to run your business entity once your app is connected to Saasu and being offered commercially by two or more Saasu customers.
  3. TRAFFIC – Promote your app in our Add-on Directory, sales and marketing channels.
  4. EVENTS – We’ll help you with material for campaigns and events.
  5. .NET or RUBY – Saasu has a comprehensive new API for easy support.
  6. FREE CERTIFICATION – Take the 25 question certification quiz now! and qualify as a Saasu Certified Partner.
  7. DIRECTORY LISTING – Once a Certified Partner with 2 or more active clients we add you to our advisor listing.
  8. RECEIVE LEADS – Our team receives queries every day seeking add-ons. Tap our lead generation.
  9. MICRO AND SMALLBIZ – Comprehensive functionality of Saasu covers micro through to the big end of small business.
  10. FREE SUPPORT – Email support anytime you need it.

Join the Partner Network Free of charge

We’re Trusted

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80,000 customers since June 2000
1000+ Accounting Advisors use Saasu
300,000 Invoices created monthly
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What are the requirements to be listed on the Saasu Add-on Directory?

You app must be complete and working with two Saasu client. You must also list Saasu in a production grade website that also covers your services.

What determines the order of the Partner that appears on the Directory?

The order is determined based on a proprietary algorithm that considers feedback from clients, time and volume of Add-on use.

How do I change the details currently displayed on the Advisor Directory?

Email with what has changed.

Can I use Saasu logo’s?

Subject to our terms you can use all the versions of the Saasu logo suitable for print and screen use as found at Any other variations of logos are not permitted.

How often will I receive updates from Saasu

We have a regular monthly newsletters and also release emails announcing features, add-ons and changes to Saasu. We also email Small Business content periodically but not too often.

Test files for Partners

We will provision a sandbox file (empty), and give you access to a sample file (sample data) for you to demonstrate Saasu to potential clients.

Who do I contact if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

You can contact for specific Partner Program questions.
For all technical support and product questions, please email