Saasu Futures

Student Licences

The Saasu Futures Program provides inexpensive access to Saasu as an educational resource. We're helping to equip the next generation of accounting professionals with the skills needed for online accounting. We also like to help bridge the gap between accounting theory and real-world practice.

1 year for just $10 Signup to Student Plan

200 Transactions allowance and 5 Employees.
Bank feeds not included in this plan.
Not for commercial use. GBP price is £6

Big Benefits.

Universities involved in Saasu Futures can position themselves as forward thinking institutions offering courses that are highly-relevant to the industries their students will be immersed in following graduation. Students benefit from learning and applying industry best practice within the context of online accounting, the future of accounting.

Proven track record

We are already embedded in the curriculum of a number of universities and startup incubators across Australia and the United Kingdom. We are expanding our network to enable more students to benefit. Any organisation wishing to participate is invited to contact us directly via