Multi-factor Authentication

What is Multi-factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (Jargon: MFA) is an extra level of security to protect secure data. After entering a username and password, multi-factor authentication systems will prompt you to enter an extra piece of information such as a security token value, a secret question or SMS delivered security code.

If you are required to use this type of access in your online banking system it is likely you will also need to use it to connect and regularly refresh your Saasu bank feeds.

How do I get the latest bank feed data for my multi-factor supported feed?

  1. Make an initial connection between your bank and Saasu.Once the connection is established, the first batch of available transactions will be imported into Saasu.
  2. Use the ‘Update Credentials’ link on the bank feeds screen each time you need to retrieve your latest transactions after your initial connection. Bank feeds with Multi-factor authentication require this trigger and will not update automatically.

It is recommended that the ‘Update Credentials’ link is only used once per day. Repeated refresh triggers too close together may cause issues.

What types of Multi-factor authentication does Saasu support?

Saasu’s support does not extend to all banks and institutions that require this.

Bank feeds that have two or more Multi-factor Authentication codes are not supported.

What if Saasu doesn’t support Multi-factor Authentication for my bank?

In the instance that your bank feed is not supported, you can manually import your bank transactions into Saasu. We support importing of file formats from a wide range of banks, including .CSV files (spreadsheets in the Comma Separated Values text format).

As we are unable to test every single type of login connection for every bank around the world, we are happy to collaborate with our customers to help make new connections available. While we aren’t able to support every request for new connections, we do value your feedback regarding where we should focus our efforts to improve Saasu’s banking integration. Feedback can be Customer Contact Saasu.