Bank Feed Pending Transactions

Please Note: To improve bank feed quality, Pending Bank Feed transactions via Yodlee will no longer be available as of April 2019.

Bank Feed data we receive from our feed provider (Yodlee) is in two forms being pending or finalised. Pending transactions are when the bank hasn’t yet completed some part of the transaction description, clearance or settlement but still wants you to know the transaction exists. Banks recognise it’s important they tell you about transactions quickly even if not fully completed for security reasons and so you know your cash flow (and they know theirs!).

Pending transactions are read-only in Saasu until our bank feed provider updates them as finalised. Pending transactions in Saasu’s bank feeds area have a dashed line above and below so you can see visually they are different.

In the Bank Account setup area you can elect to view (but not reconcile) pending transactions as an option on each Bank Feed you use in Saasu. By default this feature is OFF. You can turn this ON by doing this:

  1. Go to View > Bank Account.
  2. Click on the Bank Account name to open it in edit mode.
  3. Tick the option Include Pending Transactions.
  4. Save the screen.

Exceptions To Pending Feeds

There are certain types of bank feeds which do not have pending transactions. Feeds from American Express (AMEX) for example do not have this pending process. It means that although your bank feeds will come through as per normal, certain feeds may be missed.