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Supported Banks

Indirect Feeds (via Yodlee)

To see if your bank is supported:

  1. Go to the Saasu Dashboard
  2. Click on the Quick Start button in the page title bar if the Quick Start panel isn't displaying.
  3. In the Banking section start typing your banks name in the Connect to Bank field. NOTE: Bank names are sensitive to punctuation.
  4. If your bank is supported it will display as you start typing.
  5. Bank Feeds will only connect to bank accounts in the same currency as your base file currency. E.g. You have a file in AUD, you can only form connections to bank accounts in AUD currency.

While we are unable to test every single type of login connection for every bank nor support request for new connections, we do value your feedback regarding where we should focus our efforts to improve Saasu’s banking integration. Feedback can be submitted to our service team. In case automatic bank feeds is not available, the alternative is to import bank statements.

Un-supported Bank Products

Supported Direct Feeds

Saasu has direct connections with some financial institutions and can receive transaction data sent directly from banking systems.

Refer to the Direct Feeds page for further information.