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Yodlee is the biggest bank data feed provider in the world supporting thousands of banks. Saasu supports connections on the platform for the top 10 banks in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Bank feeds have been a feature of Saasu for several years now and as such, they have become more robust and reliable over time. We monitor performance of the feeds, possible errors and error rates. However, they are not 100% accurate and as such it is possible that you will experience issues. We always work with our customers and Yodlee to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We also have dedicated staff resolving bank feed issues as quickly as possible.

The availability of a connection to Yodlee depends on the financial institution having processes that are compatible with the Yodlee method of collecting data feeds, and that the Yodlee Inc internet sites are not blocked by the financial institution.

Why is my bank feed delayed?

Sometimes you may notice that it is taking a day or two longer for your bank transactions to show up in Saasu. Anything from 2-7 business days is considered normal behaviour, depending on your particular bank. If you have bank transactions that are taking longer than this, please Customer Contact Saasu about this.

Why is my bank saying I have a virus?

The bank feed service we provide via Yodlee picks up your data and the IP address used to do that would differ from yours. Banks have checking of IP addresses accessing your account for security risk reasons. If you use your mobile device and multiple other devices like tablets and computers to access you online banking then it’s possible to get the same result of a locked online banking access that isn’t because of Saasu and Yodlee.

Are my passwords safe with Yodlee?

The passwords held by Yodlee our feed provider are completely safe. Yodlee is the biggest data feed provider in the world supporting over 10,000 banks. ANZ Banking Group helped setup Yodlee to provide bank data feeds in Australia.

The bank is saying this isn’t authorised access?

Some banks are being misleading when they say you have a virus just because Yodlee collects your data (which they can’t possibly know without looking at your computer). Under our Terms you grant Saasu a limited power of attorney only for the specific purpose of accessing your account to collect your data. The reality is that many banks want us to buy your data off them instead of collecting it for free.

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