BPAY is a payment process used in Australia. Businesses wanting to be able to receive BPAY payments will need to contact your financial institution to apply. As part of the sign up process, you will be provided with a BPAY Biller Code and the BPAY Operations Manual. You can then provide these in your Saasu Invoices so your customers can pay you. Below we provide some ways to help you do this.

How you provide a reference number to your customers is quite important as it may impact reconciliations and other workflow. Generally speaking unique numbers of each payment help you assign the payment to the correct transaction but require your customer to enter a new unique reference number each time they pay you. Alternately a static number is easy for your customers and reduces their input/entry risk but it may add to your reconciliation burden. Saasu can only support static CRN’s as we don’t yet support CRN generation. You can create a static CRN for each customer using BPays CRN tools.

You can create a BPay reference number as follows:

  1. Use the BPay software to work out your clients CRN number. A single digit number. Let’s say 7
  2. Go to View > Templates. Open your template by clicking on it and navigate to the Payment area.
  3. Add this text (note that the template can be set to Text or HTML):
    Biller Code: [supplied by your bank]
    Customer Reference Number: {BillingContact.ContactID}{InvoiceNumber}7