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Also used for breaking a batch, unbundling and breaking a kit.

A major benefit of our combo items is that you can further build from combo items and even disassemble or unbatch combo items back into their components.

Note: We do not recommend this to process a packaged purchase, which you intend on taking apart to sell individually (such as a 24 x pack of assorted beads) as it is easier to use the purchase order method to receive these individual items instead.

Disassemble a Combo Item

  1. Ensure you have the combo item in stock because you can’t disassemble something that isn’t in stock.
  2. Select Items > Combo Item, and bring up the combo you wish to disassemble by clicking on the edit icon.
  3. Now enter in the quantity you wish to disassemble, include a negative sign at the front:
  4. Now click on ‘Build'. The Inventory Transfer transaction that does this will load so you can confirm and save it.
  5. Here, don’t worry about all the items that are positive. This means it will transfers out of the combo into the individual item records (as you are returning the items individually back in stock from combo). The only negative quantity entry should be the combo item only. See below:
  6. When you have correctly disassembled, your stock on hand should be adjusted accordingly: