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Foreign Currency Bank Feed Matching

On the Medium and Large plans, with multi-currency switched on you can also use the Bank Feed service to match your foreign currency payments.

  1. Create your foreign currency invoice. In our example we will use USD 299.00 (which converts to AUD 318.22):


    Note: XE.COM has been unchecked, because we are using our own conversion rate.

  2. Make sure the date of the invoice is on or before the date the transaction appears in your bank statement/feed.Then go to your. Bank Feeds section and locate the entry to be matched. Click on the ‘AUD’ field and select the correct currency:


  3. Enter the foreign currency amount and hit enter. You should find that a suggestion will automatically appear. Simply click on the tick to reconcile.

Note: This is for foreign currency invoices without a payment already applied (whether manually or via a previous instance in Bank Feeds). You can only download foreign currency transactions from local Bank Accounts, and not foreign bank accounts. E.g. your base file currency is in AUD and you have two different bank accounts - one in AUD, one in USD. You can download data from your AUD bank account but not your USD bank account.