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Jump Search


Jump Search is instant global search. It allows you to find transactions & information quickly and jump around Saasu with ease. All results in Jump are tied to a users roles so, if a user doesn't have access to sales and items, no sale or item results will show for that user.

What are the hotkeys?

Clicking and holding down TAB or ALT will show you the hotkeys for this.

What advanced searches can I do?

What are some ways Jump can be used?

What fields and transaction types are searched?

For transactions we search on:
– the invoice #
– the purchase order number
– the contact (first name, last name, email, company name)
– the summary on the transaction

For transactions we show extra fields to make results super useful.
– the transaction types we search (S = sale, P = purchase, PE = payroll entry)
– the paid/unpaid status (on the phone with “Matthew”? See if he paid the last invoice in a snap)
– the date
– the invoice number (only shown if there is data)
– PO number (only shown if there is data)
– the contact name
– the total amount (amounts aren’t searchable yet)
– the summary line in the transaction

For contacts we search on:
– first name
– last name
– email
– company name
– contact ID (this is not shown as yet)

For items/combos we search on:
– item code
– item description
– supplier item code (not displayed)

How are results ranked?

We use a combination of methods to get the most relevant result to you. Using your search term, the date, number of occurrences and other factors play a part to get you what you need as quick as possible.