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Logo Image

How to add your logo

  1. Go to View > Templates > open you template you wish to add a logo to by clicking on it.
  2. Use the Upload link next to your logo drop down box to browse and upload your logo from your computer.
  3. Click Preview to see how it looks. Saasu will load a sample PDF in Adobe Reader or in a Tab in your browser.
  4. If you're happy with the result click Save in the templates add/edit screen to save your changes otherwise upload another image and try again.

Change the logo

Go to View > Templates to open the template, and upload new logo or use one that you've uploaded before.

Resize my logo

Use online image resizer tool, or if you want more control, use image editing program. The free one such as Paint.NET for Windows should do the job.

Tips and Information about logos

You can upload multiple images to use as logos (JPG, GIF and PNG). The maximum file size is 100KB.

File Width maximum is 960px if you aren't putting information in the Sender Details area. Else it is 640px. Saasu doesn't auto-size images.

The quality of the image you upload will directly result in higher quality PDF's in Saasu but your PDF file size you are sending out will also be larger. So there is a trade off between quality and file size. Generally the market likes to receive PDF files for invoices around 100kb.

For the best quality result we recommend using images with a resolution of at least 150dpi. Bear in mind higher resolution images will result in PDF generation taking longer each time.

You might sometimes need to try different formats from the above list for your templates. So in case if one format is not displaying properly or if you have trouble viewing the PDF invoice, you could try converting the image into another one from above. This usually resolves any rendering issues that were preventing you from viewing the PDF invoice. It is important that the image stays within the recommended size for viewing with or without sender details.