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When a customer has over paid you here is a suggested method to handle this in Saasu.

Do note this does not replace accounting advice given by your Accountant, and any indications of ledger accounts are examples only. This is very general technical advice.

Overpayment Procedure

Contact Customer

Identify with the customer how they would prefer the money to be handled:

  1. Funds returned to their Bank Account
  2. Funds to be applied to a future invoice, see Adjustment Notes

Decide how long you will want to wait for the customer's response. For this example we'll set it to 7 days. We will not touch the bank feed entry for this overpayment until the 7 days roll over.

Clearing Account Method

If the customer does not get back to you within 7 days, you will need to move the funds to a temporary account, until such times as it can be dealt with.

Journal the overpayment to a 'Liability' type of account, such as 'Liability: Deposits Received Clearing' (check with your Accountant).

Should the client respond after this, saying they wish for the funds to be refunded, you will need to action a few steps: