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Paid Parental Leave

LOCATION: Australia

You can capture Paid Parental Leave Pay in Australia by creating a new Saasu Pay Item.

There are different types of Paid Parental Leave. Please seek advice from the Australian Taxation Office or your Advisors for detailed and specific information.

The following is one example for making payments to an employee for Paid Parental Leave relating to Paid Maternity leave which the Australian Government via the Australian Taxation Office make available to approved recipients. This is an example where funding of the leave is paid to the Employers and then the Employer pays this on to the Employee through Payroll.

Please speak to your advisor to check if this is correct for your specific circumstances before relying on this general and educational information.

  1. Go to Settings (COG) > Settings (for this file)
  2. Scroll down to the Payroll section in this screen and click Manage Pay Items.
  3. In this Pay Items screen click Wages and Salary option above the list of pay items
  4. From this Add Wage and Salary Pay Item screen you can fill in the details as per the following example and save the screen.