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Payment Difference

Sometimes there may be a few cents difference between the payments you receive or make and the original transaction in Saasu.

In this example, you may have issued for which you received a slightly different payment amount from your customer. You don't want to annoy them and so decide it's better to write it off or issue a refund for the small amount.

In either case, you need to decide on the appropriate (a) Transaction Type and (b) Account Code for this transaction. These are accounting decisions you may wish to discuss with your advisor. In the following example, you have an unpaid sale for $100.50. The customer pays you $100.00 and you decide not to chase up the remaining $0.50.

  1. Create a refund, adjustment note, or credit note (this depends on your zone and/or accounting treatment of these transactions). You can do this by changing the Invoice Type picklist from Tax Invoice to Credit Note or Adjustment Note.
  2. Select an Income or Expense account to allocate it to (eg Expense: Rounding and Differences).
  3. Enter a negative amount for the $0.50.
  4. This will appear as a negative amount in the P&L if you code it to an Income account or as a positive amount if you code to an Expense account.
  5. Apply a payment of $100 to both the original $100.50 invoice and the -$0.50 refund to clear them both as paid. You need to do this in one payment transaction. Change the contact and click the Show button beside the contact picklist to see all outstanding invoices so you can apply payment to both.