Payslip Won’t Update

When you create a payroll transaction it takes the details from the Employee Details screen. If you later change these details, that change won’t flow through to previously-created payroll transactions. In summary, the Employee Details screen (under Settings > Payroll > Employees) has default information for creating NEW payroll transactions while the Payroll Transaction screen has specific information for that particular payroll transaction.

Consequently, if you want NEW payroll transactions created to show changes, you will need to update the Employee Details screen.

How do I change a pay transaction that has an incorrect bank account/employment details?

You need to go to the actual payroll transaction and use the two links listed below. You will find these just above the list of pay items:

  • Employee Bank Details for this transaction
  • Employment Details for this transaction

Why do you treat these transactions differently?

If we allowed users to change the default settings, this would flow through to all payroll transactions for those employees and you would lose historical bank account information.