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PDF Template with Payment Details

WHERE: View > Templates

In the PDF template you can set defaults for various areas that make up your invoices and statements, upload and select a logo for the template, add notes and provide information such as payment details.

You can have different PDF templates for different trading names, individualised for particular customers or even customised for different times of the year (eg. Christmas or End of Financial year).  There is no limit to the number of templates you can have.

Components in a template

Template ElementHow it works
Sender DetailsThe text you enter into this section will appear in the top right corner of the invoice opposite the logo. Again, you can enter any information you want into this area, but it is best suited for your business address, phone number, website and email contact information. If you add more than 10 lines of information it will start to push the address and invoice content down the page.
Remittance DetailsThe text you enter into this section will appear immediately below the list of items in your invoice. Although most suited to remittance information, you could include any information that you like in this area. Remittance information is the information your customers require to make a payment. This may be payment information, PayPal, Ebay, Bank Direct deposit, Credit Card payment options.
Payment OptionsList the payment methods you accept and the details for these methods
Footer TextThis is the information that appears in the footer area of each page. You may choose to include your address details or any other relevant information that you feel would be useful in this location. Examples include business registration numbers, terms of trade, general Disclaimers or Privacy Statements, Product Disclosure Statement link and Terms and Conditions.

Creating an invoice template showing bank details for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)

It is possible to create an invoice template to show EFT bank details. To create a duplicate of your Default Sale Template that shows your EFT bank details:
  1. Go to View>Templates
  2. From the list, click the name of the Template with the Type "Sale Default"
  3. On Edit Template, click on "Duplicate" at the bottom
  4. On Add Template, update the name so it shows "with EFT details"
  5. On the section "Payment, notes and other information", enter your bank details for EFT such as Account Name, BSB and Account number
  6. Save

If emailing/printing invoices to customers that require your EFT details, select this template.

PDF Specifications

Page Size: A4 210 x 297 (8.27 x 11.69)
Margin Top (mm): 10mm (0.394) = 28pt
Margin Right (mm): 10mm (0.394) = 28pt
Margin Bottom (mm): 5mm (0.197) = 14pt
Margin Left (mm): 26mm (1.024) = 56pt
Points = 1/72nd of 1 Inch
DPI = Pixels / Inches

Creating a tear-off

A tear-off is often used when people make payments by cheque or credit card and you would like them to send this information back to you so you can match the received cheque against their invoice or process the credit card payment using the handwritten information. For example:

---------- Remittance Advice: Please retain the above portion for your records ----------

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