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Self Guided Learning

If you would like to learn to use Saasu in a comprehensive way then this section is for you. It guides you through the use of Saasu in a way that creates the prior learning needed for each new section. Follow these 10 Steps to get Saasu success.

    Dashboard, company details and logo
  1. Understanding the Dashboard
  2. Setting up your Company Details
  3. Adding your Logo
  4. Contacts, workflow and chart of accounts
  5. Adding Contacts to your file
  6. Workflow for contacts and companies
  7. Setting up your chart of accounts
  8. Invoicing (services) and Journals
  9. Adding Invoices to your file
  10. Sale invoicing, the basics and more
  11. Purchase invoicing, the basics and more
  12. How and when to use journal entries
  13. Inventory, Invoicing (items) and Stock
  14. Adding an inventory item
  15. Setting up and maintaining inventory items
  16. How to handle backorders
  17. Tags
  18. Slice up your data using tags
  19. Bank Feeds
  20. Connecting your Bank Feed
  21. Bank Feed Matching
  22. All about fast coding and bank rules
  23. Reconciliation of Bank Accounts
  24. Reconciling using bank feeds and bank reconciliation
  25. Importing your bank statement
  26. Payroll and Payruns
  27. Adding employees to your file
  28. Adding manual payroll entries
  29. How to setup automated payruns
  30. Using timesheets to automate payruns
  31. Activities and JUMP Search
  32. Streamline your workflow by using activities
  33. How to get the most our of Jump
  34. File Management
  35. How to invite users to your Saasu file
  36. Understanding user roles in Saasu
  37. Adding a new file
  38. Advanced Users
  39. Customising the design of your invoices
  40. All about Multi-currency
  41. Getting Started with our API
  42. Tax and Tax zones in Saasu
  43. Recurring Statements
  44. Recurring Sales
  45. Recurring Purchases
  46. Using Combo Items
  47. Using Attributes on your inventory Items
  48. Importing and Exporting Data
  49. Using Budgets in Saasu
  50. Performing a stocktake