Splitting Transactions in Bank Feeds

If you want to match one bank feed entry to multiple transactions in Saasu watch this how-to video:

You may need to allocate a transaction in your Bank Feeds Inbox to more than one account in an order or invoice.

  1. Create a temporary posting account such as Expense: Suspense
  2. When you have a transaction in your inbox that needs to be split and coded to more than one account then code it to this Expense:Suspense account
  3. Go to the Transaction by Account report and run the report for the Expense: Suspense
  4. Open each transaction and then add an extra line to the transaction using the + icon to the right of the line item.
  5. Split the amount on line 1 in the order or invoice to be across line 1 and line 2.
  6. Save the transaction and repeat for any other that need to be split.