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Stock Write-down

Sometimes your stock levels change without there being a Sale to account for that. Common examples are stolen or damaged goods. Free samples are another similar one. Use the Inventory Adjustment screen to adjust stock levels and account for the expense they cause to your business.

Example: You have two units of Item A missing after you do a stocktake:

  1. Select Items from the main menu and then click Inventory Adjustments.
  2. Click Add on the Inventory Adjustment screen.
  3. Enter -2 in the quantity field.
  4. Select the item and Saasu will fill in the unit cost for you, which can be overridden.
  5. Select an account. Some examples for this account are:
    • Expense: Shrinkage
    • Expense: Stock Write-offs
    • Expense: Free Samples
  6. Save the transaction.