Uncategorised Imported Transactions

Once you have imported your Bank data into Saasu you are ready to apply an account to them. You can assign an account, contact and tax code to transactions. Clicking Categorise converts them to finalised transactions. In many cases you may have already input some of the transactions listed. You can discard these.

If you ever feel you want to start fresh you can remove all these pending transaction and again.

Categorising your imported transactions

  1. Choose the bank account you wish to work with. You don’t have to categorise transactions as soon as you have imported them. Saasu holds them in your database as ‘Uncategorised Imported Transactions’ until you decide to categorise them or even delete them.
  2. Tick all the ‘alike’ transactions in the list that you wish to apply the same account to
  3. Choose Create Purchases with Payments from the first drop down list
  4. Choose the Account, Tax Code and a Contact (if required)
  5. Choose a Tag for projects, jobs, properties or divisions etc. if required
  6. Confirm your selections carefully. You are about to save one or more transactions as selected from the list with the settings selected. Click the Categorise Selected button
  7. These transaction will disappear now that you have converted them into finalised transactions
  8. Repeat the above steps until you have finished categorising all your transactions
  9. To remove the remaining transactions that you wont be importing tick the check-box in the list header row. This will select all remaining Uncategorised Imported Transactions. You can then click Delete Selected to remove them

Whenever you wish to see a list of the transactions which haven’t been categorised just click on Import (below Bank Accounts) in the Main Menu. Then select the Bank Account to view.