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Unpaid Leave

Sometime your staff may request leave without pay. You can handle this in Saasu by reversing the normal pay with an unpaid leave Pay Item in the Payroll transaction.

Recording Unpaid Leave...

  1. Go to Add > Payroll.
  2. Enter the Pay Date and select the Employee from the drop-down
  3. Add an extra Pay Item for Wages and Salary base pay and enter negative hours for the amount of leave without pay.

    reversal method of unpaid leave add payroll transaction

  4. Use the comment icon in this pay Line Item to record a note as to the nature of the reversal.
  5. If your entitlements for this employee are set to Auto-calc then Saasu will adjust the Accrual of entitlements automatically for you. If they aren't checked as Auto-calc then you will need to manually work out how much less entitlements to accrue for this period using a pro-rata calculation.
  6. Make sure you remove any payroll line items that do not belong!

reversal method of unpaid leave payslip