3 Industries 3 ways to work with saasu


Online accounting comes in all shapes and sizes and it's an integral part of your business that will be used for every transaction that you process.

So it’s important to be able to use this tool flexibly for your industry to get an edge in business.

For this reason. we wanted to pass on three quick ways to use Saasu in three different industries to help you get ahead in business.


The ATO requires businesses in the Building and Construction industries to report total payments they make to each contractor for building and construction services each year.

Saasu allows you to mark certain contacts as contractors and create a report for the ATO. Here's how to do it.


A lot of consultants bill by the time they spend on a job. Saasu allows you to do this easily by creating an item for the smallest increment of billable time, which is not inventoried.

You can then use this to bill your time out as a multiple of this item within your business. Here's the full guide on time billing.

Graphic Designers/Photographers

As a graphic designer or photographer your business is based on the image that it presents. To create a good reputation, it's important to have that brand image flow through to every facet of your business, from the front end of the website, through to the final product and even the invoices you send out.

We understand the importance of this so our software allows you the freedom to design your own HTML/CSS invoice templates. Check all the details here. Not HTML/CSS savvy? Check out our partner SaasuThemes for some great designs, ready to go.

Saasu is used across a huge variety of industries and businesses. We've designed it to be flexible and to be a tool that you can use to save time and money while managing your businesses finances.

We work with thousands of micro to medium businesses who have outgrown spreadsheets or legacy software and need a safe, secure, cost effective solution for their accounting needs.