Small Business Operational Blockers

Blocker Description Action
Digression Focus. Work out what you can cull or delay Minimise
Information Firehose Curate down to less than 10 key blog/news sources and under 10 youtube channels. Minimise
Too Many Systems Distil down to the ‘Musts’ – Accounting, CRM, and a Vertical app for your industry (scheduling/project etc.). Use inbuilt phone apps where possible. Minimise
Too Many Decision Makers Adopt the SPAR Cycle (Strategy, Process, Action, Results) to optimise exploration/decisions. Procedure
Lack of SOPs Bullet point procedures for processes that are manual, external or automated. Minimise
Govt. Bureaucracy The more brands, companies, trading names etc. you have, the more admin. Outsource
Goods Handling Drop ship, pack and send, customer picking. Use supplier leverage to get them to do more. Minimise
Transition Time Use systems with less navigation and really good search. Be selective with systems to avoid digital birds nest overwhelm. Minimise
Internal Communications Educate staff on short email and less is more social media communications. Have rules about interruption. Automate
Moving, Synching, Backing up Only buy systems that do these tasks for you easily or automatically. Procedure
Distractions: Tech and People Headphones mean don’t interrupt me. Avoid phones and social media to focus on the day’s highest priority tasks. Stop this
Existing Rituals You may have rituals and habits causing you to procrastinate by design. Shorten tasks and reward when completed. Outsource
Blind Spots Listen to advisors, mentors and feedback forms. Build your proficiency in your weaker skills and hire people that challenge you. Procedure
Complexity Distil down to the essential, curate and portfolio select the best parts. Use the Pareto Principle. It works. Procedure
Social media Engage with social media only a few times a day. Form a plan, schedule posts and use reposting tools. Check out Bluewire Media. Outsource
Content Enrol clients and partners in helping to create content. Try your hand at video content. Check out Small Biz Big Marketing. Automate
Collections Use Saasu’s automated statements and templates to help you collect money. Take pressure off client relationships. Automate
Data Entry Use bank feeds and connect marketing email/CRM systems to accounting. Clients buying online do your data entry for you. Automate
Invoicing/Quoting Have well designed templates and workflows that minimise operational touch points. Procedure
Excessive Meetings Learn to say no unless it’s a meeting that relates to your current Actions list. Stop this
Excessive Email Management Don’t clear you inbox. Star/flag essentials, develop canned responses and say no nicely. Clients must get answered. Procedure
Lack of Business Model Clarity

Map and refine your business model to create efficient operations and sales. Check out Board Of Innovation. Design

Image by Dustin Lee