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15th February 2016 by Marc Lehmann | CEO,

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Producing content is a comfort zone shift.

1. Current comfort zone

2. The courage to share

3. Where magic happens

Weaknesses? > Content Expertise, Time and the Capital
Strengths > Agile and you’re an Expert in your field

Solo Content Entrepreneurs

Content re-rolling > Live stream > Video > Podcast > Blog
Big niches e.g. > Online gamers > Specific Game > In Game Topic
Content-as-a-service > Subscribers > Merchandise > Ad revenue

Millions of subscribers.

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Advertising = buy it in bulk.
Public Relations = beg for it in bulk.
Sales = beg one customer at a time.
Content Marketing = earn it.

Summarised from: “Web Marketing that Works” by Toby Jenkins and Adam Franklin

Juice the Search Engines

Great content creates brand value and SEO lift

google seo juice

Photo: Johannes Osterhoff

Passion builds great content

What your mind is drawn to and what you’d score an A+ interest

content sweet spot

Focus on real customer needs

Remove pain and Create pleasure.
Show how to do something. Create a virtual experience.



Authentic trumps manufactured content. Polarising opinion create traffic. Content that bleeds, reads.

donald trump jeb bush

Content is a Long Game

Huffington’s 4 year long overnight success.

Assess content value

What proxy can you find to assess your time investment in producing content?

content views

are new visitors

google ads per click

= $1,000
content value

Know your audience, create a story

Young female in Canada[1] buying handcrafted home furnishings[2] for clients. Uses iPhone[3] to watch videos[4] about home design[2] and reads e-magazines[5] on her tablet[6]. Works on MacAir[6] from home and coffee shops[7].

  1. Google Adwords gender and country filters
  2. Candidate Search Keywords?
  3. Content to support mobile, tablet and laptop.
  4. Video content, First mobile app for iOS on App Store?
  5. Content for e-Magazines?
  6. Content to support mobile, tablet and laptop
  7. Topics of interest might be SOHO, Startups, Micro business productivity.

Nearly-free tools for great content

What the pro content producers use

Rooster Teeth, LLC | Office
Rooster Teeth, a popular Youtube channel covering gaming. Their office: "Laboris Voro Ingemino" is tongue in cheek "work hard, consume, continue with increased effort". Image by Sean Savage

Cover your target audience

  1. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Facebook 45.78% (▲ up) Q:Too crowded?
  2. |||||||||||||||||||||| YouTube 21.86% (▲ up)
  3. ||||| Twitter 4.78% (▲ up)
  4. |||| Reddit 4.35% (▲ up) Q:Is this a missed opportunity?
  5. || Pinterest 1.54% (▲ up) Q:Female market. Is that what you need?
  6. | Tumblr 1.37% (▼ down)
  7. | LinkedIn 1.37% (– same) Q:Many SMB’s invest huge amounts of time. Why?
  8. | Instagram 1.29% (▼ down)
  9. | Yahoo! Answers 1.29% (▲ up)
  10. | Google+ 0.97% (▼ down) Q:Is it worth the effort just because it's Google?
Data source: Top Social Channels Sep 2015 by Dreamgrow

Evolve and Scale your best content

This is an extreme darwinian experiment. Kill off stuff not working.
Scale what is successful in the wild - keep watching analytics.

LEGEND: Black = Likes, Grey = Shares, Lightgrey = Comments

Top 7 Content Tips

  1. Drop poor content, promote winners.
  2. Gradually increasing production quality.
  3. Re-roll one type of content into another.
  4. Portfolio select topics and channels.
  5. Run experiments with new content.
  6. Watch KPI's = Visits/Shares/Likes.
  7. Be self expressed and real. No fear.
people shooting a video
Photo by Arron Cupid on Flickr

Content Journey Checklist




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