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The Art of Less in Business

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Marc Lehmann ~ CEO,

Our collective obsession with growth

Cities built, GDP created, power wielded, revenues earned and stuff we own.

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Photo: Ghost Resort Apartments in China by Donald Ytong

The intention behind growth

Have we all become Growth Zombies?

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Goal: Keeping up with the Joneses.

We're benchmarking creatures. Secretly comparing ourselves to others?

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Goal: Bigger will make things better.

Are we attempting to fix our unhappiness?

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Goal: Economic growth.

Another version of the previous two goals at the sovereign or company level?

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More can mean more problems.

Doing more is a common Dream Killer.


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More is often negative.

Your small business can become, fat, slow, unfocused and fragmented.

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We get caught up in more revenue.

Apple's capital value gaps away from Googles contrary to market share.

Source: Yahoo FinanceSource: Gartner

But there is another way

Want to make more money with less grind so you can access freedom?

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What are the Success Metrics?

Measuring the success of your journey toward this goal.


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Return on Investment

Financial reward for the risk taken + non-financial returns like time to travel.


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Correlated to business survival. De-risking your business. Feeling safe.

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If your customers are happy you'll be happy.

Image: Treehouse Blog

The Art of Less essentials.

Some skills that will help you achieve your goals.

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Essentialism, the best of what you do.



Once you curate you can then streamline your product and services.

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Photo: Mercedes Benz

Creating Value

Quality at a great price.

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Beyond Shareholder Driven

Employee, customer & shareholder driven.

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Photo: Impact Hub

Total Experience

It's not just about Products and Services.

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Making versus Manufacturing

The mindset of a Crafter. Don't do quick and dirty.

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Photo: Pexels Chchlik

Simplicity vs Overwhelm

It's complex being simple. Mindset of simple

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Photo: Andrew Neel

Remote Work

Freedom, productivity lift with less dollars and admin.


Home Office




Google G Suite


Systemisation can deal with routine business needs.

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Image: Saasu Bank Feeds

Focus = Saying No

Say no often to requests so that focus and simplicity are protected.

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The Irony

Less can generate a very big business.

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