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Our customers are passionate about using Saasu. We want to give you 25% of your clients Saasu subscription revenues to help us keep them happy.*

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Partners earn a 25% Referral Reward.**

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Certified Partners with paying clients are website listed and receive referrals.

Migration Rebates

Up to a year’s worth of the client subscription value is rebate-able.

* Minimum requirements are one paying customer and Saasu listed on your website. Also subject to Saasu Terms.
** Are you collecting subscription fees for software vendors?
Saasu can bill clients directly and pay you a 25% Referral Reward into your practice bank account.

Frequent Questions

Directory Listing

What are the requirements to be listed on the Saasu Advisor Directory?
You (or your staff) will need to be certified and signed up as a Partner with at least one active client file, to be included in the Directory. You must also list Saasu in a production grade website that also covers your services.

What determines the order of the Partner that appears on the Directory?
The order is determined based on a proprietary algorithm that considers feedback from clients, time and volume of Saasu file use. The unrated portion of the listing is alphabetical.

How do I change the details currently displayed on the Advisor Directory?
Email with what has changed.

Logo's and Collateral

Can I use Saasu logo's?
Subject to our terms you can use all the versions of the Saasu logo suitable for print and screen use as found at Any other variations of logos are not permitted.

How often will I receive updates from Saasu
We have a regular monthly newsletters and also release emails announcing features, add-ons and changes to Saasu. We also email Small Business content periodically but not too often.

Test files for Partners
We will provision a sandbox file (empty), and give you access to a sample file (sample data) for you to demonstrate Saasu to potential clients.


Am I certified as an individual, or is it my business that is certified?
You will be certified as an individual, which means you can take the certification with you.

What training do I need to pass the certification assessment?
If you have used Saasu with a few clients it's likely that you will know enough to pass the test. You can further train yourself using a mixture of our help notes and video tutorials to build scenarios within your Saasu file. You may prefer this if you like to learn at your own pace, in your own time.

What's the best training resource to use?
Self Guided Training is a structured tutorial designed to take you right through Saasu.

What is the certification process?
Complete the 25 minute certification test. We'll get back to you within 3 business days with your results (either pass or re-try). Once you have passed, a PDF certificate will be emailed to you confirming your achievement.

Status and Referral Rewards

What partner levels are there?
Saasu Partner - One or more active paying customer files.
Saasu Certified Partner - Certified plus one or more active paying customer files.

When can I use the Saasu Partner Badge?
As soon as you achieve Saasu Certified Partner status, have one active paying clients and have Saasu listed agnostically on your website (if your support other accounting systems).
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Types of Referral Rewards

Accumulating rewards
As soon as you have one or more active client files, either under your subscription or referred files outside your subscription, the rewards will start to accumulate.

Application of discounts
Percentage discounts will be applied once:

How do I get referral rewards for people that I refer to Saasu?

  1. Login to your Partner file's Dashboard
  2. Click on the cog wheel and select Manage Subscription
  3. Click on the 'Show opt-in form for referral rewards' option
  4. Fill in the form 'Where will we pay the referral rewards to?' with your bank account details
  5. click on 'Opt In'
  6. You will now see a link underneath 'Referral Link' - your client will need to use this to sign up
  7. When your client clicks on the link, they will be taken to Click on the 'Free Sign Up' button to start their trial

When does Saasu send referral reward payments?
After you have made the referrals and when the client files have been paid for, a monthly report of new paid files will be generated. At the end of the month, Saasu will send you a summary of how much referral rewards you will receive and bank the proceeds into your nominated Bank Account.

What is a valid referral?
A valid referral is when a prospective Subscriber (not an existing Saasu user) clicks on your unique Saasu Partner link which logs a record in our database.

My client did not use the unique link to sign up. Can I lodge the referral with Saasu another way?
Yes, you can notify us by email at with the following information: Name, Email, Phone and Organisation

The length of time a referral is valid
If your client hasn’t signed up during their 30 day trial, then the referral is treated as stale and referral rewards won’t be paid. So it’s in your interest to have your client or referral sign up in a timely manner.

Does referral rewards include tax?
Rewards paid to a partner will include GST/VAT and these rewards are calculated on the tax inclusive price of the paid referral.

Can I continue to receive discounts on my subscription if I sign up for referral rewards?
Yes, for clients under your subscription, you will receive discounts, and for clients outside your subscription, you will receive referral rewards.

I'm not an Australian registered Accounting or Bookkeeping business. Do I qualify?
The Saasu Partner Program is only open to registered Australian Tax and BAS Agents.

How long will I receive referral rewards for?
You will receive referral rewards for the length of time your client stays with you and Saasu. If they cancel their file or disengage with your company, the referral rewards ceases.

Why can't I get paid on all the clients I already referred to Saasu in the past?
We are happy to add these clients to your referral rewards but we don't back date payments of Referral Rewards. They only apply from when they are added to your list of referrals in our systems.

Can I move my clients out of my subscription, so I can claim referral rewards?
Yes, you can. However it may not take effect until the beginning of the next billing cycle. To make the request, email with details of where it is moving from/to.

Should I notify my client I'm receiving Referral Rewards?
This is for you top decide in consideration of the laws and/or professional code of conduct that apply to your type of business. Notifying clients can also help in maintaining an open and professional relationship.

Manage Partner Subscription

This section applies to Accounting Partners who choose to manage client files under their own subscription.

Create a new file under my subscription:

  1. Login to your Saasu file's Dashboard area
  2. Click on the cog icon in the top right
  3. Click on Manage Subscription
  4. Choose the relevant file
  5. Under Files click on the +Add button
  6. This will take you to the Add File page
  7. Fill in the form and click Save & Close

Create a new user login for my client:

  1. Login to your new client file's Dashboard area
  2. Click the cog icon in the top right and then on Invite User
  3. Fill in the details of the form
  4. Select the Access Level for the files this user has access to
  5. Do not tick 'This user has permission to manage membership details' or 'This user is my adviser' at this stage
  6. Click Invite
  7. An activation email will be sent, with a link to accept the invitation.
Note: First-time Saasu users will have to fill in certain details including a password when accepting the invitation. Existing users will have to enter their current password when accepting the invitation.

Change the billing contact on my subscription:

  1. Login to your Saasu file's Dashboard area
  2. Click on the cog icon in the top right
  3. Click on Manage Subscription
  4. Choose the relevant file
  5. Under Users click on the name of the new billing contact
  6. Tick This user is the subscription administrator and billing contact and save
You may have more than one billing administrators per subscription.

Deleting a user login:

  1. Login to your Saasu file's Dashboard area
  2. Click on the cog icon in the top right
  3. Click on Manage Subscription
  4. Choose the relevant file
  5. Under Users locate the user entry
  6. Click on the bin icon (on the right) to delete that user

I want to move a file from another subscription to mine:
Send an email to with the following information:

Example: I have a new client, he is the owner of which is already an existing subscription in Saasu. They have agreed for me to manage their file from today onwards. I will need to email, CC in the current billing administrator, requesting the transfer of to my subscription . Bob will need to reply to this email, authorising this transition. As soon as our Accounts Team receive authorities from both sides, they can begin the transfer.

I want to transfer a file from my subscription to another:
This process is exactly the same as above, moving a file into your subscription.

Billing Information

Billing terms
Partner subscriptions are charged in advance. and are due before your next expiry date.

When am I invoiced for the files in my subscription?
Saasu will automatically send you an invoice on the anniversary date of when you signed up as a Partner, rather than the date a file is created. The balance due will be pro rata, taking into account what date a new file has been created.

Saasu subscription payment options
You can pay using a credit card, direct bank transfer or PayPal. More details are available on our Pricing page.

Changes to Partner billing contacts
You need to let us know if your billing contact is changing as soon as possible. Email accounts(at)saasu(dot)com with the new billing contact details, so we can ensure all communications and rewards are being transferred to the correct account. You must be the current billing administrator to update this information, so please advise us ahead of time.

Migration Rebates

How do migration rebates work?
Forward the invoice you sent to the client for the cost of migrating over to Saasu as proof of the work completed to Saasu will then rebate to a maximum of 1 year's subscription when that client has paid Saasu. The rebate will not exceed the cost of the work you charged, if the cost of the work is less than the 1 year subscription total. The total rebate will then be that invoiced amount.

Can I receive both referral rewards and migration rebates?
Yes you can, provided that they are not concurrent to one client. So if you are claiming migration rebates for NEW CLIENT, you will not receive referral rewards while you receive rebates (until the rebate ceases after 12 months, in which case referral rewards will commence.)

Disputes or issue with a client
You need to keep records of any attempts to resolve these issues with the client. Any unresolved disputes, negative representation of the Saasu brand in social media, marketing or any other sense may result in removal from any listings and cancellations on any discounts applicable.