Rare Rabbit

Tell us a little bit about Rare Rabbit?

Rare Rabbit designs women’s fashion jewellery using sustainable timber, resin and leather. Our designer range is complemented by our curated collection of fine metal jewellery, scarves, timber sunglasses and children’s accessories. We are primarily a wholesale business. Our strengths are our sales agents and our small, passionate in-house team of part-time staff. We strive to provide quality products and exceptional service. As with most small businesses, our staff aren’t limited by any one role. There’s crossover for our team between administration, accounting, direct sales, marketing and warehouse functions.

Our goal is to design quality products that inspire creativity, and that we know are produced fairly, while at the same time enjoying this small window of time we have with our children.

Why did you choose Saasu?

We were initially drawn to Saasu because they are an Australian company with Australian based customer support. It was important to us that our accounting software was focused on all aspects of Australian Taxation and Superannuation compliance. Second, we knew we wanted to move to a cloud accounting solution and Saasu was the only company to offer multi-user, multi-currency, payroll, inventory, bank feeds, and automatic customer statements in one affordable package.

In what ways has Saasu made an impact on your business?

Gone are the frustrating file locks, corrupt files, file backups and year end data rollovers of our prior accounting software. Further, we spend far less time entering data and are able to service our customers and agents faster than we ever have before. It’s incredible really. Whether we are exhibiting at a Melbourne or New York trade fair, at home with a sick child, or overseas developing our product, we can all be logged in working simultaneously with current data. Saasu has definitely made being a full-time mum AND part-time employee easier.

What are your favourite aspects of Saasu?

It’s like asking us to pick a favourite child!

Bank feeds & Bank reconciliations

Generating new transactions from a bank feed item or “matching” an existing transaction, means that every bank line item is dealt with accurately. It identifies problems immediately that can be addressed straight away rather than waiting for the bank reconciliation report to be officially prepared. Our monthly bank reconciliation can be knocked over in less than 10 minutes with Saasu.


The daily FX rate is automatically picked up from a XE.com feed on all foreign currency transactions. This saves so much time and eliminates human error.

Online Invoice payments

By linking our email invoice templates to EWAY and Paypal has made it easier for us to be paid. Our team spend less time on the phone manually taking credit card payments.

How does the integration between Saasu and your other systems help your business?

It has saved us so much time and money! At present we use OneSaas to import orders from our online store, AspinLink to import wholesale orders taken by our sales agents, Veryifi for receipt collection. In addition, we have connected our EWAY and Paypal accounts to streamline taking customer payments, and applying them against orders. All of these run seamlessly in the background without disrupting our team and their work. We continue to create efficiencies each year with our Saasu integrations. By the end of 2018 we hope to have a freight solution connected with Saasu and a wholesale online store.

Interview with Jessica Panozzo
CFO @ Rare Rabbit