The Rug Establishment

The Rug Establishment supplies the interior design industry with beautiful handcrafted rugs. Featuring world-leading technology in design and colour, with a myriad of custom options – unique fibres, styles and 2000 plus colours. As long time users of Saasu, we decided to catch up with some of their team to learn a little bit about how they use Saasu.

Why did you choose Saasu?

Back in 2006, we were hoping to work from our main office and be able to do reporting and bookkeeping at night during our start up days. We needed a solution that was always live, and didn’t require 4 licenses across 2 users. Being early adopters, we quickly learned to embrace Saasu’s Online Accounting (was it even called that then?).

In what ways has Saasu made an impact on your business?

Saasu is the backbone of our financial and customer service success. We have built our system around Saasu’s integration capabilities – which keeps our administration system costs extremely low and scaleable.

What are your favourite aspects of Saasu?

We consider ourselves a pretty heavy user of the API that Saasu provides. By integrating our custom in-house software with Saasu via the API, it allows us to automatically commence production upon receipt of a deposit and release product for delivery when the balance is paid. This reduces any possible delays and frees our staff to focus on customer service and sales.

As long time users, we have found Saasu’s Customer Experience team to be consistently devoted to resolving problems, which we realise is difficult and under appreciated, and without peer in the accounting software industry.

What’s next for your company and Saasu?

We are expanding our business in the USA, so it’s great to have both the AU file and USA file in the single subscription and using the same accounting application. The local accounting firms there have also found Saasu relatively simple to use.

As data nerds, we are always looking forward to the next reporting capabilities that Saasu provides. We are excited to be able to use the power of the API to not only move data, but also fulfil some custom reporting needs. Reports that give us early warning on our business success are so valuable to us.

The team at Saasu is looking forward to hearing about The Rug Establishment’s exciting move into the US market, and we wish them every success. To find out more about The Rug Establishment, visit