Closure of OneSaas integrations

Regrettably we learned via customers that OneSaas (acquired by a US competitor) is closing our customers connections in July 2021.

Saasu has started building the most popular integrations ourselves to replace those provided by OneSaas. These will be provided for free on all plans. Initially we expect it will be Woocommerce, Shopify and Bigcommerce. We are developing these democratically basis survey votes as there is no easy way to choose. If we believe target systems API has weak security or an outdated API we may delay or exclude it initially.

We plan to get some initial integrations live by July but it would be wise to connect to other data integrators Zapier, Pabbly Connect or zzBots as we can’t guarantee what you need will be ready in time. Particularly for fulfilment and email systems integrations. You will need to connect and test the best solution for your business in these systems as there are thousands of combinations and thus it’s impossible for us to test or recommend this variance accordingly.

We are making this free in line with our values of minimalism, value and great service. One less system is simpler and saves you dollars. We recently changed to offering all features on all plans by using up our cashflow bonus to offset our revenue loss to do this. The plan you are on is now purely about how much you use Saasu and we think that’s a good proxy for how big and/or successful your business has become. We are always trying to drive value into our plans, minimalism into our designs and local personal service.

To help with this transition to new integration providers and later Saasu’s inbuilt ones we will provide you with a FREE Test File during this transition up to August 2021. Just email and we will add one to your subscription.

We issued a survey yesterday to help prioritise our developers. Please let us know what you’d like?

Also feel to contact us on and I will review all the tickets we tag related to this post to be sure I understand your issues and preferences.

Thanks for your business!

p.s. Our second beta release for the new Sales/Purchase screens will be ready soon. We are just finishing drop shipping, stock re-ordering (from stock alert report) plus some email audit trail work. This adds in more capabilities and improves customer experience.

Marc Lehmann
CEO ~ Saasu