Liberating small business

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Disrupt the old ways.

We craft faster, cleaner, better ways to manage your small business. As software artisans we are always thinking about what saves you time, what you can automate and what creates the most value for your small business. We ask ourselves what can we innovate to help liberate small business from compliance, debt and tax. Everything you see from our help system, emails and even our blog will feel fast, simple and clean. This is our minimalism in business culture.

Triple stakeholder business.

Customers, Employees and Shareholders should all have an interest in Saasu's success. We're not like the shareholder driven big end of town. We price our products below competitors, we run sustainably at a profit and invest surplus cash back into research and development for our customers who we owe are very existence to.

kasun amarasinghe

Kasun Amarasinghe

scott whitaker

Scott Whitaker