Online accounting add-ons

Saasu selectively offers best of breed add-ons to our customers.

Online accounting works best when you follow the rule of quality over quantity. Simplicity helps small businesses to be effective. Don’t get caught out creating a digital birds nest of systems. It increases costs and creates technical headaches. Keep it minimalist.


Saasu only supports payments system connections built in partnership for security reasons.

eWay – Your customers can pay your invoices you sent them online by credit card.

PayPal – Transactions feed into Saasu and PayPal payment links in Saasu invoices.

Stripe – Your customers can pay your invoices you sent them online by credit card.

Braintree – Your customers can pay your invoices you sent them online by credit card.

OFX – Enter foreign currency invoices into Saasu and select ‘Pay with OFX’ under the payments option. Built by OFX.


Zapier – Connects Saasu to many e-commerce apps

Spiffy stores – Your own online store for less than a dollar a day, with no hidden extra fees. 100% Australian owned and built.

WHMCS – Directly integrate with Saasu. Save hours of manual work while maintaining the security levels you need. Built by SenseICT

Mantis Shop – Australian e-commerce platform that auto-synchronises customers and orders.

Magento – Sync all your sales, products and customers. Connected by Zapier.

BigCommerce – Sync your web store sales, products and customers. Connected by Zapier or Pabbly.

EBay – Sellers can automatically push their sales, products & customers. Connected by Zapier.

Shopify – Keep your store up-to-date by syncing sales, products and customer data. Connected by Zapier or Pabbly.

WooCommerce – Powers 15%+ of all eCommerce websites. Integrate it easily with Saasu. Connected by Zapier or Pabbly.


Zoho – Oscillosoft syncs quotes, invoices, products and contacts.

Salesforce – RIO syncs contacts, accounts, products, sales with Saasu.

iGlobe – iGlobe CRM for Microsoft Office 365 which retrieves accounts from Saasu.

Accelerware – Sports performance software syncs invoices, contacts & payments.

Point of Sale

Kounta – Flexible, scalable, cloud-based POS. Easy, but powerful enough to run in retail and hospitality.

SprintPos – By Neotechnology provides insights into your business, sales records & stock management.

Data capture

Veryfi – Automates the boring parts of accounting – data entry, categorization & bank rec with AI and OCR. Connected by Verify.

Squirrel Street – Scans and creates expenses in Saasu.


Link4 – Delivers invoices instantly from one cloud accounting system to another.

Time & projects

Timecamp – Automatic time tracking software for your projects.

88miles – Simple time tracking for freelance designers, developers, and copywriters

Trigger – Collaborative task management for creatives. Trigger invoices create Saasu Sales.

Adlibre – Adlibre TMS opensource timesheets and expense tracking.


National Product Fulfilment – Offers a money back guarantee on all of their services.

WMS – Warehouse Management Systems (.WMS) Streamlines and simplifies your warehouse operations.

Note: Some add-ons don’t meet our values. e.g. we don’t promote “buy now pay later” services because we don’t want to encourage burdensome debt culture in young people.