Online accounting add-ons

Saasu selectively offers best of breed add-ons to our customers. Online accounting works best when you follow the rule of quality over quantity. Simplicity helps small businesses to be effective. Don’t get caught out creating a digital birds nest of systems. It increases costs and creates technical headaches. Keep it minimalist.

See FAQ’s about add-ons.


Saasu only supports payments system connections built in partnership for security reasons.

eWay – Your customers can pay your invoices you sent them online by credit card.

PayPal – Transactions feed into Saasu and PayPal payment links in Saasu invoices.

Stripe – Your customers can pay your invoices you sent them online by credit card.

Braintree – Your customers can pay your invoices you sent them online by credit card.

OFX – Enter foreign currency invoices into Saasu and select ‘Pay with OFX’ under the payments option.


WooCommerceSaasu built-in connection – Powers 15% of eCommerce websites. v1 One way sync.

Shopify – bring Sales Orders from your Shopify store into Saasu.

EBay – Sellers can automatically push their sales, products & customers. Connected by Zapier.

BigCommerce – bring Sales Orders from your BigCommerce store into Saasu

Magento – Sync all your sales, products and customers.

Neto – Synch Sales/Contacts with Saasu. Integration by Maropost.

Spiffy stores – Your own online store for less than a dollar a day, with no hidden extra fees. 100% Australian owned and built.

WHMCS – Directly integrate with Saasu. Save hours of manual work while maintaining the security levels you need. Built by SenseICT

Mantis Shop – Australian e-commerce platform that auto-synchronises customers and orders.


Zoho – Oscillosoft syncs quotes, invoices, products and contacts.

Salesforce – RIO syncs contacts, accounts, products, sales with Saasu.

iGlobe – iGlobe CRM for Microsoft Office 365 which retrieves accounts from Saasu.

Accelerware – Sports performance software syncs invoices, contacts & payments.

Data capture

Veryfi – Automates the boring parts of accounting – data entry, categorization & bank rec with AI and OCR. Connected by Verify.

Squirrel Street – Scans and creates expenses in Saasu.


Link4 – Delivers invoices instantly from one cloud accounting system to another.

Time & projects

Saasu isn’t adding or encouraging connections of this type due to our intention to upgrade timesheeting feature within Saasu. This is also to avoid sherlocking software developers unintentionally.

Trigger – Collaborative task management for creatives. Trigger invoices create Saasu Sales.


National Product Fulfilment – Offers a money back guarantee on all of their services.

WMS – Warehouse Management Systems (.WMS) Streamlines and simplifies your warehouse operations.


What integrations are you building into Saasu next?

We have built-in eWay, Stripe, Paypal, Braintree and OFX. Next in line is Shopify, Woocommerce and Bigcommerce. This can change if we find the API isn’t secure or up to date. Email systems to be connected are Mailchimp followed by CampaignMonitor after that.

Can you recommend the best add-on or integrator?

The best approach you can take is to create a free trial for add-ons or integration services that most offer and use it against a temporary test file in Saasu. Then you can see exactly how they work with Saasu in practise. You will likely have specific needs in terms of what types of data and which direction you want it to flow. These are the specifics you or your team need to check for your business and industry. That bespoke knowledge you have for your business workflow is why we can’t simply recommend the best choice. Not to mention the logistics fulfilment side that adds variations we can’t be across.

Onesaas is closing connections to Saasu in July 2021. What should I do?

We recommend trying one of the other integrators supporting Saasu or later adopting the in-built integrations Saasu is currently working on. We recently elaborated on the OneSaas closure in our blog. Saasu is happy to provide affected customers with a free Test file until August 2021 to assist with this transition. Simply contact to request this.

How can I test an add-on if I don’t want to use my live Saasu file?

Saasu files have the same features regardless of the plan. So we recommend that if you are past your trial period in Saasu and are a paying customer that you simply pay for a $15 Small Plan file to test with for a month.