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$125 billion of online accounting transactions by 100,000 users since 2000. From AUD$15 per month for 1,000 transactions per year, 3 bank feeds, payroll and more.

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Online accounting features


  • Invoicing – Invoices and Quotes. Reminders and statements.
  • Online Payments – Provide credit card payment options.
  • Dashboard – Track business growth. Live graphs via mobile app.
  • Bank Feeds – Connect bank accounts. Reconcile & keep up-to-date.
  • Cashflow – Online accounting helps you budget & forecast cashflow.
  • Expenses – Add business and employee expenses. Attach docs.
  • Stock – E-commerce ready inventory with assemble or bundle.
  • Reports – Reports on transactions and customers. Tag & filter.
  • Payroll – Simple pay runs & timesheets for Small Business.

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What is Online Accounting?

Online accounting replaces old accounting software that you would install on your computer.

Saasu runs on our private cloud servers at Rackspace and Amazon. Accordingly, you access Saasu using your computers web browser or via our Mobile app.

There are many benefits to using online accounting. You never need to install software on any device. Updates are all automatic. Our servers are actively monitored, secured and backed up. As a result, we have a much higher level of security than small businesses who try to do this themselves.


Take charge of your accounts, and your lifestyle. This lets you get out from behind your desk and choose a work style that suits. You enjoy the freedom of viewing your business data on-the-go, and working anywhere.

We’ve designed Saasu to work easily on computers, tablets or smartphones. As a result real-time data is available to you whenever you want it. Accordingly, you and your advisors are always basing decisions on accurate information.

Synchronises your data

Saasu online accounting connects and synchronises with popular business apps. This means our inventory works with several e-commerce platforms. The benefit is that you don’t need to build one yourself. So your product names, prices, stock levels and more update on your website automatically. Saasu supports connections to PayPal, eWay, Stripe, Shopify, Magento and many more.

Reports in Real-time

Keep on top of your business performance and cashflow with Saasu’s built-in reports and dashboard. Run reports on transaction and contact activity in your online accounting file. Delve deeper into what makes your business tick. With all the maths done, you just make sure the graph is trending the right way.

Tag contacts and transactions into jobs, projects, locations and more. Setup tags you want to use for your business.

Improves Cashflow

Get paid sooner because we make it easy to invoice your clients on the spot. It feels good to bill people before you’ve even left the site or stood up from the meeting table. Then you can keep track of your cashflow with out forecasting tool.

Professional looking invoices make you look good. Paperwork can look after itself by scheduling invoices to send automatically to your repeat style customers. Automatically bill their credit card at a regular frequency. Our online accounting app follows up overdue payments using reminders and statements to improve cash-flow. You won’t appear as pushy because the system does it for you.

Nails expenses

Keep on top of your purchases by paying multiple suppliers at once using batch payments. Categorise expenses so you can run a Purchase Report to see where your money is going. Schedule purchases to save you manually creating those regular bills such as utilities and rent.

Avoid the spreadsheet jungle. Think you’re too small for online accounting software? Worried you’ll find it too confusing? Data that makes sense and is more accurate is possible with online accounting. Spreadsheet can work but are error prone. What do your accountants and business advisors think of it? Saasu makes it easy for you to enter business activity and also review it in a way that is meaningful.

Reduces risks

Duplicate data is a risk in spreadsheets. It’s a challenge making sense of your data. Saasu connects directly with e-commerce websites and other business systems so the data in those systems is pushed through to Saasu. This means that once the connections are set up, your accounts are up-to-date without extra work.

No more waiting on your accountant because Saasu presents your accounts in a usable form. For specialist business advice and opinion they will still be the ones you turn to. However, for tracking your daily results Saasu online accounting is a big improvement.

With the right tools, you can get more done. Spend less time reconciling receipts. Saasu’s automatic bank feeds connect directly to your bank accounts, and update the information in your file every day. This means no more manual entry of transactions, or checking against receipts. All you have to do is sign-in, and match each transaction in your file.

Creates efficiency

Make the most of down-time if you are stuck on the train, delayed at the airport or waiting for the kids. You can sign-in to Saasu online accounting from anywhere, you don’t have to wait to get back into the office to be productive. Thus, moments you have free can be used productively. Send out a few invoices or run reports or see how business has been this week.

Delegate tasks as Saasu lets you assign user roles. This controls who views and edits what information. This means staff and contractors can enter their own timesheets without them seeing sensitive business information or your accounts team can work through Purchases and Sales without being able to see pay details.

Online accounting is simply the new, more efficient and safer way to manage your small business.