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Brand guidelines

We’ve prepared a shortened version of our brand guidelines (PDF 167KB) providing guidance on logo usage, colours and typography. If you have further questions or requirements for usage that is not covered in these guidelines, please contact our Marketing Team, on +61 (0)2 9126 9610 or via email at .

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Product photo pack

We’ve prepared a product pack (ZIP 365KB) of high quality product photos for your own use.

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Company & product description

Saasu is an online software company with customers in over 50 countries around the world. Operating since 2000, our product plays host to millions of transactions each year worth billions of dollars.

Saasu’s online accounting software for managing business financials. Saasu has capabilities in sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, e-commerce, documents and customer relationship management (CRM). Saasu’s robust Application Programming Interface (API) enables connection to hundreds of web applications, software products, payment services and banks.

Team biographies & photos

For biographies of key team members, please see the Saasu Team page.

Print-resolution photos of our key team members (who are typically involved in press or media calls) can be provided upon request. Please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Sofia Eastmond, on +61 (0)2 9126 9610 or via email at to discuss your requirements.

  • Marc Lehmann, Chief Executive Officer
  • Sofia Eastmond, Chief Operating Officer
  • Daljit Bahia, Managing Director UK
  • Paul Glavich, Chief Technology Officer
  • Matthew Ardeljan, Product Manager