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Saasu is an online accounting application developer. Our main product Saasu plays host to millions of transactions each year worth billions of dollars. We craft fast, clean, better ways to manage small businesses.

Founder and CEO Bio Marc Lehmann

Product Description

Saasu’s online accounting software for managing business financials. Saasu has capabilities in sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, online payments and recurring billing.

Saasu’s robust API enables connection to hundreds of web applications, payment systems and financial institutions.

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See our online Brand Guidelines for guidance on logo usage, colours and typography.

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Will you write for my blog or news site?

Saasu will take written interview questions and answer them which you can form up your own articles from. Our CEO even writes the odd article but we assess that opportunity on a case by case basis. We usually stop short of writing the entire article for other sites (purely for lack of time and resources). We try to help as best we can.

Will you syndicate your content?

Saasu doesn’t currently syndicate content for SEO reasons and because we prefer to promote Social sharing of the original post or content. We like to support the original source.

Is there anything I can re-publish?

We have videos which you can embed (but not download and re-upload into your own video channels). We also have infographics and presentations you can share/embed as long as you provide a link reference to author/creator and it’s original source. You can find this content here:

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