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Saasu Certified Advisors have paying clients using our Online Accounting apps. They are listed in our Saasu Advisor listing and receive web traffic leads. We also refer leads to them from our service team. Listing is subject to Saasu Terms

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to be listed on the Saasu Advisor Directory?

You (or your staff) will need to be certified and have at least one paying client using Saasu. You must have an online website, page or listing we can refer clients to that markets us fairly versus our competitors.

What determines the order of the Partner that appears on the Directory?

Many factors, such as the volume of new business coming to Saasu and how well Saasu is presented in the market place by the advisor helps determines this.

How do I change the details currently displayed on the Advisor Directory?

Email with any changes required.

Can I use Saasu logos?

Subject to our terms you can use all the versions of the Saasu logo suitable for print and screen as found at Any other variations of logos are not permitted.

How often will I receive updates from Saasu?

We post release updates regularly to our blog. We also display news on the Saasu dashboard (News Widget) and we use notices in the Saasu application. Emails are sent rarely, unless it’s an important matter.

What training do I need to pass the certification assessment?

If you have used Saasu with a few clients you will likely know enough to pass the test. You can further train yourself using a mixture of our help notes and video tutorials.

Am I certified as an individual, or is it my business that is certified?

You will be certified as an individual, which means your practice is certified automatically as long as you have a Saasu certified employee.

What’s the best training resource to use?

Getting Started is a quick guide designed to take you right through the setup of Saasu.

What is the certification process?

Complete the 25 minute certification test. We’ll get back to you within 3 business days with your results (either pass or re-try). Once you have passed you will be listed as Organisation Name, Your Name, Website, Email and/or Phone number (if these are available on your website).

Do you have a Partner program?

No, we don’t. Instead, we list bookkeepers and accountants (Advisors) who have Certified. It’s a simple system designed to help business owners find Advisors.

When can I use the Saasu Advisor Badge?

Once you achieve Certification, have a paying client and have Saasu listed fairly on your website (all subject to terms) then you can use one of our badges

Why don’t you offer Referral Rewards or Discounts anymore?

We want Advisors to use and recommend Saasu to business owners because it’s a great product and not because of the commission. This way we attract and maintain the right type of accountants and bookkeepers who put the customer’s interests first. It also helps keep costs down and thus we can keep offering low subscription prices to our customers.

I’m an existing partner, so how long will you keep paying me my Referral Rewards?

We will keep paying rewards until 31 March 2020.