How Saasu sends your emails is changing

From 17th November 2020 Saasu will no-longer impersonate your email address when we send out your invoices, purchase orders and statements from Saasu. i.e. When we email anything on your behalf in Saasu.

This change is to meet the industry standard and help improve email deliverability. We have previously sent emails on behalf of our customers but it is increasingly difficult to ensure deliverability of emails under this method because many email systems your customers use don’t like this method and in some cases refuse to receive the emails. In the industry this method is called “impersonation” and is being phased out.

Email impersonation reduces delivery reliability, can be more error prone and has a high enough security risk that ceasing it is warranted. Our customers needed to configure SPF records to authorise Saasu as a sender on behalf of them so this method could be used more effectively but it is not straight forward and is very technical for the majority of our users.

So we will be following email best practices for improved deliverability by delivering as Saasu but with a reply address being yours. This means your customers will still see its you and if they hit reply on the email it will still come back to your email address.

What do I need to do?

You shouldn’t need to do anything.

  1. Emails sent from Saasu will now show a From address as This ensures the legitimacy of the emails sent by Saasu when recipient email servers perform checks on incoming emails. Technically speaking: Specifically, we will be using the DKIM standard to prove that we own the domain that emails are sent out from, thus preventing any email spoofing. We will encrypt emails sent using transport layer security v1.1 or higher provided the receiving mail servers accept secure connections.
  2. In the application the From address in Email Templates and Email Dialog window has been renamed to Reply-to. So when your customers hit Reply, the reply is sent to your email address instead of Saasu.
  3. In the application the Sender Name field in the email dialog window is now mandatory. You probably already fill this out but if not currently it will be the signed in User Name. With the new change you simply cannot leave it empty. This is to ensure that the recipient sees your details e.g. your name or company name you have entered that you want to appear when sending the email.