Payroll Improvements – August 2023

This update is the first in a series of planned improvements for the Payroll functions in Saasu to make them more user-friendly and robust in terms of functionality.

Here is a list of updates that are now live in the system:

  • Clicking on “Pay Run” from the Payroll Main menu will take you straight to the Process Pay Run screen instead of a list of pay run/pay groups.
  • The ‘Next Pay,’ Timesheets, and Employee Details can now be updated while a pay run is in progress – the system will prompt you when you come back to the Pay Run page to regenerate the draft and refresh the data.
  • A new option in the Pay Run settings to ‘Process pay for all employees with the same pay frequency’ vs ‘Selected employees only’ – This means you no longer need to manually add employees to a pay group if you select this option.
  • A new option in the Pay Run settings to exclude empty pays or $0 pays or pays with no activity from the pay run.
  • Ability to regenerate the draft pay run.
  • More details available in the Employees List (Employee ID, Employment Type, Pay Frequency, Pay Run, Last Paid).
  • New option in the Employee Profiles: “Do not automatically include in pay run” to be used with the new pay run option to process all pay with the same pay frequency.
  • Employee name is now shown at the top of the edit page so it is still visible in other profile tabs.