Saasu Update December 2019

Leave Balances Report (new) – Find out how many hours of various types of leave your employees have available. Find this report in the Reports Menu under the Payroll section.

Optional 2 Step verification using SMS (new) – This security measure was implemented to support customers, often admins across multiple files wanting higher level of security. We also built this feature to facilitate ATO requirements in future and current electronic reporting standards.

Theme library updates – You can now use supplier item code instead of your Saasu Item code for item invoices. You can also add a mail cheque payment option to your template. This feature is just for new Themes. REMINDER: The old custom theme and templates approach will retire on 1st of December 2022. Further features are to be released prior to then.

Notifications Bell (new) – A new bell icon is in your main menu which will be how Saasu will tell you things about your file. Saasu can also advise you of updates, changes and other communications about your subscription. We feel it’s less likely to be missed than emails.

Upgrade to eWAY credit card payment gateway connections – eWAY provides small business credit card processing (payment gateway). We’ve added new security and performance measures to the Saasu’s integration with eWAY. (Technically: Saasu’s new API talks directly to eWays new API). To start using eWAY as your payment gateway with Saasu enquire here. Get 3 months free on Saasu if you signup to use eWAYs payment gateway. Just email after your eWAY payments are up and running.

Removal of Yodlee Bank Feed Pending Transactions – This change was made to improve feed quality.

Updates to Single Touch Payroll – Improvements and fixes have been made over the last few months. We have one more round on STP improves to make before next financial year end. The aim with this round is to improve the ease with which you can check previously submitted reports. Some of which is up to the ATO, we may not be able to address that. For example, having to wait up to 2 days sometimes to get a response back from them after submissions.

e-Invoicing via Link4 – Saasu partner Link4 provides e-Invoicing to Saasu customers. e-Invoicing is the electronic exchange of invoices directly between the systems of a supplier and a buyer without the need for PDF and email. Use Link4’s e-Invoicing to get paid within 5 days when invoicing the NSW and Federal governments. Link4 are also PEPPOL accredited. You can easily jump on a free plan at Link4

Project8 – The apps first working prototype is finished and it is in the last round of UX changes before first release. It is a simple task tracking app that maps tasks to goals and projects. It’s not project management software or a to do list. More of a hybrid of the two that aims to help its users focus on activities related to goals and projects. It’s nice and light for small business. Built in the minimalist style we believe in.

We removed the dashboard icon in the menu – The Saasu Icon is now the way to view the Dashboard (It was before also and thus we wanted to remove this duplicate bit of navigation).