Saasu update March 2019

I wanted to update everyone on some of the transformative changes announced last year. Saasu is transitioning to being a multi-app company developing productivity and lifestyle apps. Initially the app portfolio will be Saasu and Project8. Other mobile apps are slated but we will announce those as they hit the front of the queue.

Saasu Online Accounting Pipeline update

  • Payroll for one employee in our Small plan.  LIVE ✓
  • Mobile Info-graphic Dashboard.  LIVE ✓
  • Single Touch Payroll to submit Payruns to the ATO electronically.  LIVE ✓
  • Compliance updates for banking and payment gateways.  LIVE  ✓
  • Export attachments in bulk. LIVE  ✓
  • Theme update for Invoices, Purchases and Estimates replacing the old method. LIVE ✓ for new customers. Existing customers will be able to switch soon. JUNE 2019
    NOTE: The original version of Themes will be available until 1st December 2022. More features will be released before then.
  • Removal of Yodlee Bank Feed “Pending Transactions” to improve feed quality.  APR 2019
  • 2 Step verification (optional) using SMS.  MAY 2019

Pricing plans

Saasu offers just Small, Medium and Large plans in line with the Small Business market that Saasu online accounting is designed for.

Extra Large plan isn’t available for sale for new customers.
It’s a temporary transitional plan for existing customers who have outgrown Saasu’s 3 plans. It provides them with continuity of service while they move their data and business to higher end accounting systems.

Enterprise plan is closed for new customers. For existing customers this plan closes 31 Dec 2019.
If you are on the Enterprise plan you must graduate to higher end accounting systems before then. Ensure you export all your data as this plan will be closed and associated product data and features removed from Saasu.

Project8 App

We have been building a new minimalist goal and project mobile app to help individuals or small teams achieve their goals and complete projects efficiently. This app has just finished the prototype phase and is now entering the build phase. We expect the first release to be around June 2019.

Invoice8 App Cancelled

Invoice8 was an international invoice, expense and payments mobile app to be sold from app stores. However, due to the compliance demands from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently for our main Saasu web and mobile apps we have been unable to progress the development of Invoice8. We recognise this is an ongoing frustration for non AUD/Australian files hoping to use that new international app.

The fiscal issue we face is that the technical demands from the ATO on Saasu are funded by us, the private sector.  We get no funding support from the ATO whatsoever. We’re busy helping them build systems that report and collect tax for free, from you the small business owners. That’s crazy. About half of our R&D is spent supporting ATO needs and changes over time.

In light of this trend we have assessed the commercial viability of the accounting space and determined two accounting apps are not viable for us to maintain, update and improve over time. Instead we will focus on simplifying and improving the current Saasu web and mobile apps supporting the Australian tax zone. 93% of customers are in Australia and use this combination. The analogy is that we want to become localised like Gumtree rather than international like eBay for our online accounting product.

Foreign Tax Zones not supported on Saasu beyond 31 Jan 2020

Previously we advised that if you are in a Tax Zone outside Australia you will need to find alternative accounting solutions by 1 July 2019. We have extended support of foreign tax zones (non Australia) to 31 Jan 2020

Some customers felt they may have been able to use the new Invoice8 international app instead. Given that has been cancelled we want to support those customers and allow more time to move to an alternatives designed for your specific country and tax domicile.

We are really sorry for this decision and the impact we recognise it has on non-Australian customers. Fortunately there are many good systems out there in other countries that you will be well covered. We also built new features to help you export attachments in your file more easily. We want to try and make moving as easy as possible.